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About Your Visit

At Saint Francis our core values guide us in providing medical care which honors the personal needs of each individual – body, mind and spirit. We encourage patients to discuss their care and help us understand their individual needs.

It is important that patients and family members feel confident in the care they are receiving. Patients can expect caregivers to introduce themselves and explain what they are doing. Guests should feel free to ask questions at any time.

Bring the following information with you to the hospital you we can register you quickly and ensure you get the best care.

  • Your health insurance card. This will help us file your insurance claim quickly and correctly.
  • Personal identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • A copy of advance directives or living will. This helps our patient care staff to understand your wishes for your medical care.
  • A list of medications you’re currently taking in order to help prevent medication errors or dangerous drug interactions.

Personal Items

For inpatient stays, please do not bring watches, jewelry, or other valuables checkbooks, credit cards, large amounts of cash and other valuables with you. Saint Francis can not be responsible for your valuables.

I.D. Bands

For our patients’ safety, every patient will be given a wrist band to serve as patient identification.  Our staff has been trained to check your name band and/or ask you to verbally confirm your name and birth date before providing a service.  You may also receive a wrist band indicating special circumstances, for example if you have medication allergies or are at increased risk of falling.

Medication Safety

As a patient, we want you to work with us to ensure your safety. Throughout your inpatient stay, it’s important that all medications you receive in the hospital are prescribed by your doctor, dispensed by our pharmacy and administered by your nurse to prevent dangerous drug interactions. Don’t take any of your medications from home, including prescriptions, over-the counter, herbals and vitamins.

Individuals having outpatient procedures should check with their doctor to understand whether they should take their prescribed medications, over the counter medications or supplements prior to their procedure.

At Saint Francis we use Bedside Medication Verification to help prevent medication errors. Before you receive medication, your nurse will scan the barcode for the medication and the one on your identification bracelet.

Please ask questions about your medications if you do not understand instructions or if something just doesn’t seem right. When you are dismissed from the hospital, make sure you understand any changes you need to make to your at-home medications. Ask questions until you fully understand the instructions.

Interpreter Services

If you are more comfortable speaking in language other than English, it’s important to use a trained interpreter. Saint Francis has staff interpreters available as well as phone services. Please ask your nurse for more information.

Assistive devices

Closed caption television viewing and telephone amplifiers are available for patients in need of assistive devices. Please ask your nurse if you need this assistance.

Preparing for Dismissal
Patients who are admitted to the hospital receive an initial diagnosis from their physician. Each diagnosis is assigned an average length of stay (LOS) by Medicare. Most insurance companies follow Medicare guidelines. Depending on your clinical situation and your progress with treatment, your LOS may be less than or greater than average.

Medicare and other insurance companies require hospitals to monitor length of stay. Your healthcare team meets daily to assess any barriers to your dismissal plan. We do this to assure you and your family will be ready for dismissal.

We encourage you to start planning for your dismissal early. If you will need services like home health care or assistance from family with transportation or meals, it’s a good idea to make plans ahead of time. Your nurse will keep you informed about your doctor’s plan for dismissal so you will have time to prepare. Social workers are available to assist you with making preparations for dismissal.  If you wish to speak with a medical social worker, please call, (308) 398-5559.


You will be given information on any prescriptions you will need as well as how to take care of yourself. Ask questions so that you’re confident you understand the instructions. Ask a family member to listen with you also and take notes.

Home Care Services

If you will need home care services we will give you a listing of home health agencies that serve your area. We will see that your medical and nursing information is transferred to the agency you choose. If you are already receiving home health services, we will send updated information to the agency you are using.

Saint Francis Medical Center has an ownership interest in Saint Francis Health Connect at Home and Central Nebraska Home Care. We are happy to offer coordinated home health services and arrange for home medical equipment through these agencies.