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The neuroscience program at Saint Francis Medical Center offers neurology, and neuro-surgery for a range of conditions effecting the brain, neck, spinal cord, and nervous system.

From emergencies like stroke or head trauma to surgical care for cancer or the management of long-term degenerative illnesses, the neurosciences program offers medical and surgical expertise to diagnoses and treat patients close to home.  Our neurology, and neurosurgery specialists diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of conditions affecting brain, spine, peripheral arteries and nervous system.

We recognize the complexities of treating these types of conditions and work closely with the full complement of physicians at Saint Francis Medical Center including primary care physicians and specialists in pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, oncology, orthopedics and emergency medicine.

Patients needed neurosciences services may also benefit from our level III trauma center, intensive care unit and inpatient rehabilitation unit.

The neurologists and neurosurgeon on staff at Saint Francis Medical Center  are at the Grand Island Specialty Clinic.