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Who should have joint replacement surgery?
Annually, more than 400,000 people undergo total joint replacement surgery. Primary candidates are those who have chronic joint pain from arthritis that interferes with daily activities such as walking, exercise, leisure, recreation and work. An orthopedic surgeon decides if a patient is a candidate for the

surgery based on the patient’s medical history, an exam, x-rays and response to conservative treatment. The decision to proceed with surgery will be up to the patient.

What are outcomes of total joint replacement?
Nationally, 90 to 95 percent of them achieve good to excellent results with relief of discomfort and significantly increased activity and mobility. The infection rate at Saint Francis for knee and hip replacements is well below the national rate. See our most recent outcomes data here.

How long will I be in the hospital?
Most joint replacement patients are in the hospital for two to three days following surgery and then go home following their discharge.