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Joint Replacement Center

If joint pain is keeping you from participating in activities you enjoy, hip or knee replacement has the potential to restore your independence and quality of life.

The Saint Francis Joint Replacement Center gives you access to first-class care close to home. You can remain close to family and they can easily be involved in your care. Recovery is often quicker than you might expect. Most of our joint replacement patients are able to walk the day after surgery.

The Joint Camp Difference
One of the greatest features of the Saint Francis Joint Replacement Center is Joint Camp This program allows joint replacement patients to share the experience with other “campers,” -- everything from pre-operative education to post-operative rehabilitation. The campers encourage each other to reach goals and celebrate achievements together.

Our Joint Camp participants select coaches to help them through recovery. The coach can be a friend or family member who learns about joint replacement and recovery right along with the camper. This knowledge is especially helpful once patients get home and need help with everyday activities such as getting dressed and preparing meals for the first couple of weeks.

The inpatient tower at Saint Francis Medical Center was designed to be a relaxing, healing environment. While at the Joint Replacement Center, you’ll stay in a private room with ample space for family and visitors.

The Nebraska Room is a bright cheery space where patients participate in group physical therapy and eat meals together. Patients can have their hair washed and fixed by a stylist in the salon.

Pain Control
Managing your pain is always at the forefront of our care. Although we can not eliminate all pain, we do all we can to manage discomfort so you can tolerate the activities that will get you mobile and active again.

Before surgery, anesthesia providers will discuss your options for pain management.  They will listen to your expectations, and work with you to devise a plan that suits your needs.

Our anesthesiologists offer regional or general anesthesia and nerve blocks to manage postoperative pain. Saint Francis was the first in Nebraska to develop a comprehensive postoperative pain program that includes femoral nerve catheters (an “epidural” for the joint) to manage pain after total knee replacement.

We know every patient has very individual pain management needs, Patients’ pain control is closely monitored after surgery by specially trained nurses.