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Patient & Family Counseling

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is frightening and can create fear and uncertainty. St. Francis Cancer Treatment Center’s patient and family counselor is specially trained to help patients navigate the healthcare system and find the support they need to manage the daily challenges of living with cancer.

Person-Centered Care
There are many aspects of a person’s life that affect how he or she deals with cancer, and each person’s experience is unique. The patient and family counselor is available to help people learn how to adjust to having cancer and find ways manage a variety of different concerns. Talking with a counselor can help people deal with physical, emotional and psychological side effects, manage uncertainty and help make connections with community agencies that can provide additional support.

Access to Resources
Another role of the patient and family counselor is to make sure the people have all of the resources they need throughout their cancer journey. Arranging of transportation, financial assistance, aid in communicating with the healthcare team, referral to support groups and other community resources, as well as providing support services to aid in stress management are just a few of the ways the patient and family counselor can help ease the burden created by cancer.

Relationship Support
A cancer diagnosis impacts more than just the patient. The patient and family counselor can help both the patient and his or her loved ones learn how to cope with the changing roles and responsibilities associated with cancer. The counselor can help the patient learn to cope with new limitations and how to accept support, help the family deal with each phase of their loved one’s illness, and facilitate communication between the patient and family members regarding the emotional changes they are experiencing.

Support through Survivorship
Life after cancer treatment can also be a challenging time. In addition to the physical recovery, there are often other worries such as returning to a job, financial strain from medical bills, and fear of the disease recurring that the patient and family counselor can help manage. From one-on-one counseling to facilitation of support groups, the counselor can help each patient find the individual support they need.

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