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The Family Birthing Center has a Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for babies who need special medical care. Nine private NICU rooms offer our tiniest patients the quiet, calm environment they need to thrive.

Research shows private NICU rooms are better for babies because they can provide better control of the environment, with less noise and activity and fewer interruptions to sleep. It’s an environment more conducive for improved development and growth.  Private NICU rooms can accommodate twins and even triplets.

The serenity and space of private NICU rooms are better for families as well.  A NICU stay is a family experience, and we offer a peaceful environment where parents can stay as much as they like and be involved in the care of their baby.  Parents are encouraged to remain with their baby or babies as much as possible, especially during feeding times.

Physicians, nurses and staff are committed to involving the whole family as your baby grows.