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Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is the area of cancer dedicated to treating patients by using medications taken by mouth or by injection, including chemotherapy. Medical oncologists work in a multidisciplinary setting with radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists to tailor the best treatment plan possible for each cancer patient.

Chemotherapy is a drug treatment used to kill cancer cells. It can be administered as one drug, or a combination of drugs, depending on the type of cancer and the treatment needed. There are three ways chemotherapy can be given – intravenously (through an IV), orally (in pill or liquid form) or through injection. Chemotherapy can be used alone, or in combination with radiation therapy.

At Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center, our infusion center has been designed to provide you with a comfortable, relaxing environment in which to receive you treatment. The outpatient infusion center contains eighteen private bays with recliners and televisions, allowing patients to relax while receiving chemotherapy. Two bays with beds are also available to accommodate those who are less mobile. Warm blankets and comfort foods are delivered from our caring staff to make you feel at home.

As a chemotherapy patient, you will receive counseling from a clinical oncology pharmacist, who also works closely with your medical oncologist. The pharmacist will provide you with education and guidance, along with supportive care regarding any chemotherapy-related symptoms you may be experiencing.

Clinical Trials
If you have cancer, Saint Francis Medical Center may invite you to take part in a clinical research study. 

Clinical research is designed to answer questions about current treatments and explore possible new treatments. Studies often begin in the laboratory and after a long, careful process end with patients to make sure treatments are safe and effective. Many medical treatments in use today are the result of past clinical research studies. At Saint Francis, clinical research studies – because they result in advances in the prevention and treatment of cancer – are part of our commitment to provide the best possible cancer care to our patients.

Click here to view a current list of trials available at Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center. For questions about any of our trials, please contact our clinical research team at (308) 398-6518.

Medical Oncology Team
The medical oncology team at Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center is dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge, comprehensive care to its patients. From the physicians to the front office staff, the team cares for its patients from the first visit through survivorship.

Click here to meet our medical oncology team.