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Clinical Trials

If you have cancer, Saint Francis Medical Center may invite you to take part in a clinical research study.

Clinical research is designed to answer questions about current treatments and explore possible new treatments. Studies often begin in the laboratory and after a long, careful process end with patients to make sure treatments are safe and effective. Many medical treatments in use today are the result of past clinical research studies. At Saint Francis, clinical research studies, or clinical trials – because they result in advances in the prevention and treatment of cancer – are part of our commitment to provide the best possible cancer care to our patients.

In cancer research, clinical studies are designed to answer questions about new ways to:

• Prevent cancer

• Find and diagnose cancer

• Treat cancer

• Manage the symptoms of cancer or its treatment

• Improve the quality of life for persons who survive or live with cancer

To speak to a clinical trials nurse, contact the Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center’s Clinical Research Department at (308) 398-6518.

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Clinical Research Staff

Sarah Einspahr, RN

Rebecca Hadenfeldt, RN, BSN

Jennifer Scott, RN, BSN, OCN

Mary Gulzow, CRA

Alicia Wicht, CRA


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