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Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Care

Treatment for breast cancer patients involves many different doctors and health care professionals. Evidence indicates that a team approach to cancer care, in which health care professionals collaborate to develop an individual treatment plan for each patient, can improve outcomes and quality of life for the patient. This integrated approach to cancer care is known as multidisciplinary care (MDC), and begins at the time of your diagnosis, before any surgery has taken place.

Importance of Breast Cancer MDC
A team approach to cancer care ensures that all relevant specialists contribute to decisions about your breast cancer treatment. In addition, you will learn about all of your treatment options prior to surgery, allowing you to make the most informed decisions about your care.

The MDC service also provides you with several other benefits – it saves you time by eliminating multiple uncoordinated visits to various specialists, allows your appointments to be scheduled more rapidly, and provides greater access to support services.

Breast Cancer MDC Care Team
A multidisciplinary team brings together your medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, genetic counselors, clinical research nurses and a nurse navigator. The purpose of this team is to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of each health care professional so you receive the best care possible.

Because communication between these team members is vital, individual cases are reviewed by the Breast Cancer MDC team twice a month. At these meetings, team members review new breast cancer cases, sharing insights from their own patient care and research. This collaborative approach leads to the most appropriate and well-rounded treatment plan for each patient.

Breast Cancer MDC team members include:

Medical Oncology: Dr. Ryan Ramaekers, Dr. M. Sitki Copur, Dr. Dron Gauchan

Radiation Oncology: Dr. Douglas Clark

Surgery: Dr. Brant Luebbe, Dr. Steven Schneider, Dr. John Goering

Radiology: Dr. Daniel Novinski, Dr. Bill Marsh

Pathology: Dr. Scott Frankforter, Dr. Brent Keenportz, Dr. Suzette Woodward, Dr. Kris Mleczko

Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator
Our goal is to provide each patient with seamless, integrated care as they transition between various specialists once they have received a cancer diagnosis. The breast cancer nurse navigator is facilitates communication between the patient, their family and the entire health care team.

The nurse navigator is an experienced oncology nurse, and will serve as your personal guide during your cancer journey, from abnormal biopsy through survivorship. Because cancer is such a stressful time, this extra support is necessary to allow you to focus your energy on your care and treatment.

The navigator will work with our entire team of cancer professionals to provide you with all the services you need to fight your cancer. She will work to remove any barriers that stand between you and effective, comprehensive cancer care, as well as help you adhere to your treatment plan and any lifestyle changes it requires.

The one-on-one care provided by the nurse navigator also helps to accomplish the following:

• Step-by step guidance through your treatment, helping you and your family understand all of your treatment options

• Coordination of your initial consultations, all within a week

• Accompaniment to your initial consultations

• Coordination of referrals to other support services

• Follow-up and continuity of care

• Education and support regarding survivorship

There is no charge for breast cancer MDC coordination, and the service is available to all Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center breast patients. For more information on the program, please contact Courtney Fuller, breast nurse navigator, at (308) 398-3218.

Surgical Care for Breast Cancer Patients
Surgery is often a part of the breast cancer journey. Providing you with the best surgical techniques for breast cancer is just one more way Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center ensures that you are receiving the most advanced cancer care close to home.

We are happy to be able to offer oncoplastic surgical procedures for our breast cancer patients. Oncoplastic surgery combines the removal of cancerous tissue with immediate remodeling or reconstruction of the breast to improve the cosmetic result.