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Clinical Oncology Pharmacy

St. Francis Cancer Treatment Center’s Clinical Oncology Pharmacy program provides a service not typically found in community cancer centers. Our dedicated, on-site pharmacy ensures that patients are receiving only the safest, most comprehensive care during chemotherapy.

Because the Cancer Treatment Center has a clinical pharmacy on-site, patients have the advantage of being monitored by one of our three clinical oncology pharmacists. As a result of this hands-on approach, we are better able to prevent or minimize any side effects or drug interactions that could potentially occur. Our pharmacists also visit the clinic areas on a daily basis to directly interact with patients, providing education and guidance, along with supportive care regarding chemotherapy-related symptoms.

Clinical pharmacists are also responsible for communicating closely with the oncologists. At a time in which treatments are constantly changing and error prevention has been made a national priority, this collaboration is vital.

Extensive safety measures are taken during both the preparation and administration of chemotherapy. Electronic order entry systems are used to prevent medical errors, and multiple checks of the patient record and dosing parameters are also in place to prevent any mistakes from occurring.

As the chemotherapy drugs are prepared, and even as they make their way to the patient, they are always contained and protected to ensure non-contaminated administration.

Clinical pharmacists provide quality patient care in relation to the diagnosis, treatment, age group and other identified needs, which enables comprehensive pharmaceutical care with safe and effective drug delivery to our patients.