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Saint Francis Standards

The entire Saint Francis Medical Center team is dedicated to serving our patients and their families in a way that reflects our core values of reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence. We’ve been nationally recognized for excellence in patient satisfaction by Healthstream and the Jackson Organization.

To help us consistently model behaviors that reflect our values, all Saint Francis employees are responsible for demonstrating the Standards of Saint Francis each day as they work with patients, families, visitors, physicians and other staff members.

The Standards of Saint Francis


  • Serve customers with a positive, willing, and respectful attitude. Our goal is to provide excellent service.
  • Acknowledge a customer’s presence immediately with a smile and an appropriate greeting.


  • Follow dress code policies and present a clean and professional appearance at all times.
  • Wear identification badge correctly according to hospital policy.
  • Ensure personal conversations, demeanor, and all behaviors are appropriate for the situation.


  • Be attentive to customers by listening, being courteous, and always remembering to keep information confidential.
  • Offer to escort people to their destination when they appear to need directions.

Commitment to Co-workers:

  • Value all co-workers and their opinions. Treat everyone equally and with respect.
  • Find ways to recognize and appreciate co-workers. Openly praise and acknowledge the good work of co-workers by announcing specific professional and personal accomplishments.
  • Seek to resolve conflict in a respectful way. Do so promptly and directly with the individual(s) involved.

Customer Waiting:

  • Communicate anticipated timeliness for procedures and keep family/others updated.
  • Thank customers for waiting and strive to update family members periodically. Offer an apology and/or explanation for any delays or inconveniences.
  • Acknowledge call lights by the third ring and respond by addressing the patient by name and then before leaving the room, by asking them in a question similar to, “Is there anything else I can do for you, I have the time.”


  • Keep customer information confidential.
  • Knock before entering. I will close doors and curtains during exams and procedures.
  • Be sensitive to individual privacy needs and assure patients are appropriately covered.

Safety Awareness:

  • Report all accidents and incidents immediately per policy.
  • Correct or report any safety hazards immediately.
  • Follow proper procedures and use protective clothing and gear as appropriate.

Sense of Ownership:

  • Use equipment properly and return it to its proper place in working order.  If equipment needs repair, report it immediately.
  • Pick up litter and dispose of it properly.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures and accept accountability and responsibility for my job and actions.
  • Take pride in this organization as if I own it and I will live the core values and mission of Saint Francis Medical Center.
  • Use language that is easy to understand, clear, and concise, when communicating.

Elevator Etiquette

  • Greet anyone on the elevator.
  • Hold the elevator door open for anyone coming on or off the elevator. Always ask customers where they need to go and press the button that gets them to the correct floor.
  • Give patients the right of way.
  • Ensure there is no discussion of patients or hospital business in the elevator.