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Saint Francis Family Birthing Center

At Saint Francis you’ll find the perfect blend of two worlds – the medical expertise of excellent physicians, certified obstetric nurses and staff, and a beautiful, warm and welcoming environment – all close to home.  Find a listing of physicians who deliver babies at the Saint Francis Family Birthing Center here.

Saint Francis Family Birthing Center
The Family Birthing Center has 15 private rooms where mothers labor, deliver, recover and spend their post-partum time. Each beautiful, private room is a spacious retreat to make your experience special.  A sleeper sofa for dads or other support people, and amenities like room service, in-room movies and wireless internet access make it feel like home. Whirlpool tubs are available for laboring and relieving post partum discomfort. Babies stay with their moms to provide time to practice mothering skills with our staff close at hand to help.

Welcoming Your Family Into Ours
Because family-centered care is our hallmark, nurturing comes naturally at Saint Francis. You are at the center of your birth experience. Depending on your wishes, we can help connect you qualified doulas, hypnobirthing instructors or traditional childbirth classes during your pregnancy. If you wish, our anesthesiology team, led by board certified anesthesiologists, can provide a variety of pain control methods to ensure your comfort and safety throughout delivery.

Golden Hour
At the Saint Francis Family Birthing Center, we want to give you and your baby special time to bond and connect is a very special way. We call it the Golden Hour.

If you wish to participate, the Family Birthing Center staff will ensure your first hour with your baby is free from visitors or interruptions. Studies show that the mother-child bond is critical for your baby’s ongoing growth and development.

We know that friends and family are waiting to meet your new baby, but this important time for bonding happens once in a lifetime. We’d encourage you to wait to have guests until after you’ve had this time alone.

We also encourage skin-to-skin contact in the first hours and days of your baby’s life to help the two of you get to know one another. This closeness is one of the best ways for you to learn about your baby, and to bond and connect.

Our goal is to make sure the birth of your baby is a wonderful experience. Please let us know if you do not wish to participate in the Golden Hour or Skin to Skin.

Support for Breastfeeding Mothers
The experience of breast feeding is a special way to bond with your baby.  And research shows there are also many health benefits for both mother and baby. If you choose to breastfeed your baby, we offer resources to help you be successful. Classes are available to help you decide if breastfeeding is right for you and give you the tools and techniques to help you start.  We have a lactation consultant on staff to help you while you’re in the hospital and even for follow-up after you’ve gone home with your baby.  Also, our breastfeeding support group can connect you with others to share experiences and support one another.

We’d love for you to come see the Family Birthing Center for yourself. Public tours are available three different times a month. Call 398-5888 for the available dates.

At Saint Francis, we get all your paperwork completed ahead of time, so when it’s time to have your baby, you can focus completely on that experience.  Patients planning on delivering at Saint Francis should call our Preregistration Line at 308-398-5888 in the 24th week of pregnancy.  You will be sent a packet of information and forms to complete including your medical history. This is also your opportunity to develop your birth plan and indicate your preferences for your birth experience.

Every new family is different, and we will work with you to honor your choices and work to make your experience excellent.  You will be asked to complete these forms and mail them back to the Family Birthing Center in the envelope provided. There is no fee for preregistration services.

The Preregistration staff will call you about 4-6 weeks before your anticipated delivery date and complete your registration over the phone.

Count down to Baby
There’s a lot to do to get ready for a new baby. Click here for our handy timeline.

Is your insurance out-of-network?

CHI Health offers a discount medical plan, CHI Health Direct, for patients whose insurance is not in network. Call 888.245.4442 or enroll online.

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