Day 1 – Schneider, Novinski and Boon

In medical school, some of my classmates and I, those who sat in the back row, designed a professorial rating system. The metric we created was the “Snooze Factor.”

This is how it worked. Midway through the lecture, we would count the number of students (numerator) who were snoozing and divide that number (denominator) by the total number of students in class. Our premise was that the best professors kept us engaged in the lecture, and the least proficient did not. As a surrogate marker of the overall quality of the course, we would rate professors on their average snooze factor.

I have to admit that these many years after I sat in a medical school lecture hall, I still find myself surveying audiences during presentations at conferences, just to see how everyone is doing. And in my head, I start calculating the snooze factor. I did that today.

The snooze factor was very low. The presentations were exceptional and the content thought-provoking and challenging. No one (well, almost no one) was sleeping.

I was quite surprised to find that Dr. Schneider also used the snooze factor. He commented, “Wonderful meeting. Dr. Schneider stayed awake the whole time.” That’s high praise from any physician, in my estimation.

Dr. Boon likewise was taken with the first two presentations: Generative Governance, and The New Realities of Care Delivery and Accountability. The latter stimulated a robust conversation amongst the physicians about what the potential impact of social media, telemedicine, technology, and self-generating – organizing without organization – and what it might mean for healthcare delivery in the future. In the end we all agreed, we couldn’t predict the future, but that the future was very interesting.

Dr. Novinski also thought that the New Realities presentation was eye-opening. In fact, moved by the presentation to step into new communication tools, he attempted to Tweet me his thoughts about the day. But it failed, for some reason – either end-user failure on my part or misfiring on his part. This is what happens when the Baby Boomers stumble into the territory of the Millennials. Since we fumbled on our foray into the new reality, we reverted to a tried and true method of communication – we talked face-to-face.

Next I’ll give a brief synopsis on the presentations from the first day

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