Welcome to something new. Not new in the sense that others haven’t already made this part of their daily life, but new to Saint Francis, and new to me.

On occasion, hopefully several times a month, I plan to post some thoughts regarding health care, broadly speaking, and how these thoughts may play out within the context of a rural midwest community, its medium-sized hospital, and the broader healthcare infrastructure. The  audience is my colleagues and peers;  very bright, hardworking physicians and other clinicians, who are caught up in a rapidly changing contextual environment that is at the same time disruptively challenging and also full of eye-popping opportunity.

I suspect there will be a wider spectator audience, which is fine. My hope is that you all find something interesting; sort of Saturday-morning-with-coffee interesting. Perhaps we’ll have a brief dialogue through your comments on the blog, or you’ll be motivated to click on the hyperlinks and learn more. Enjoy.