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Legacy Gifts

The financial health of Saint Francis Medical Center is enhanced by the planned gifts it receives from generous donors who have a vision for continued excellent healthcare in our community.

Planned gifts are gifts to Saint Francis that are planned now and are received by Saint Francis at some time in the future. They are the pinnacle of the giving pyramid and illustrate the foresight and philanthropic desires of donors who want to make a difference in the lives of generations to come.

A planned gift may be tailored to suit each individual donor. It may be a bequest through a will, a life income gift through an annuity or trust, a lifetime estate gift, a gift of life insurance, a gift of an IRA or other retirement account or a gift of real estate.

The Saint Francis Legacy Society recognizes these special donors and donor names may be viewed on the beautiful cherry wood and brass plaque in the main hallway of the hospital.

We invite you to establish a legacy with Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation through one of the various planned gift opportunities we offer.

Legacy Society Donors
(As of March 15, 2011)

  • James B. Baldwin
  • M. Maxine Baldwin
  • Richard Block
  • Edith L. Brooker
  • Jim and Mary Cannon
  • Sarah E. Caspersen
  • Dr. & Mrs. Robert Chase
  • Ann Cleary
  • Howard G. Eakes
  • Robert & Darlene Fagan
  • Jean Fisher
  • Marvin E. Gerdes
  • Dick & Clara Glade
  • Michael R. Gloor
  • Ken & Bonnie Gnadt
  • David & Aileen Gruendel
  • Caren L. Hamilton
  • Joanne Roush Holmes
  • Jerry & Lisa Huismann
  • James E. Hult
  • Larry & Kathy Huwaldt
  • Leslie A. James
  • Delores E. Kalskett
  • Bernard H. & Jo Ann Kisner
  • Ron & Kathie Klute
  • Gil & Mary Kuntz
  • Norbert Lanners
  • Arthur "Jim" & Elizabeth Mayer
  • George & Lois Neuzil
  • Eileen F. Noonan
  • Kathleen Mary O'Brien
  • Jim & Dee Price
  • Robert S. Proffitt, MD
  • Olga Rathman
  • Lenard Reckling
  • Richard E. Spelts Jr.
  • Marty & Patricia Stange
  • Linda L. Stanislav
  • Norma S. Steen
  • Mark & Wanda Stelk
  • Richard H. & Lois R. Urbach
  • Dennis Vanosdall
  • Leonard E. Ziola
  • Anonymous (1)