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Donor Clubs

President’s Circle
Members of the President's Circle share a commitment to leadership and philanthropy. Their annual contributions of $1,000 or more are building an endowment fund to provide needed programs and services today and meet the communities' health needs in the future.

500 Partners Club
The members of the 500 Partners Club are individuals and businesses who share a lasting commitment to excellent healthcare and health-related services. Their annual contributions of $500 help to build the Endowment Fund. Proceeds from the Endowment Fund are used to continue funding for existing health-related programs and services, and to partner with others to address new health needs.

Healthy Community Builders Club
A strong community nurtures its members and provides them with the tools to make it safe and healthy. Ensuring our community's success requires utilization of the energy and resources from everyone willing and able to make a difference. Healthy Community Builders Club members can help with an annual contribution of $250.

Legacy Gifts
The tradition of philanthropy is as strong at Saint Francis as the institution itself. Saint Francis is proud that donors have chosen the hospital as a recipient of their generosity and we are pleased to recognize and honor them in a special way.